The Port of Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada welcomes you to its official Web site. Here you will find information about various port services available to vessels interested in accessing “Nova Scotia’s Fundy Port”.

The Port of Digby is recognized internationally as Nova Scotia’s predominant working port in the Bay of Fundy Region. It is our maritime province’s most accessible, deep water, ice-free Fundy port.

For centuries Digby has been an active and strategically located port, positioned on the periphery of one of North America’s most sustainable and lucrative fisheries. It’s home to the world famous scallop fishing fleet. The famous Digby scallop is shipped world-wide and available fresh and tasty in many of our local restaurants.

Increasingly the world is also coming to Digby’s doorstep for other tactical marine considerations, such as the exploration of our accelerating tidal energy potential, our effective transportation access to North American markets and the fast growing interest expressed by the international marine travel industry.

And the Digby Harbour Port Association (DHPA) is proactively preparing for the increased activity and port facility usage that we recognize is coming our way.

Currently work is already proceeding quickly on the substantial improvements being made at the Digby wharf. The Government of Canada announced last summer that it will fund $7.4 million to build a rock breakwater, demolish the middle finger of the wharf dredge that area and install another floating dock.

Scroll through our site to see what we’ve got to offer and make sure you visit with us often to keep abreast of the progress we’re making – and the exciting developments that are being planned for the Port.