Message from the Board Chairman: Port of Digby

It’s busy these days on the Digby waterfront.

And that’s because the Digby Harbour Port Association is actively meeting today’s challenges and getting ready for tomorrow’s opportunities.

The latest $7.4 million of capital improvements to our main wharf are completed and appreciated by wharf users and proudly noted by the community. We at the Port of Digby are confidently moving to a new level in meeting the facility’s potential.

Here at the Port of Digby we’re always looking for business. So we’re busy making the infrastructure improvements to handle it - and we’re willing to work closely with you to earn it.

Whether you’re in the fishing industry, cruise planning, general cargo shipping and services – or planning on taking advantage of the global interest in developing the tremendous tidal energy potential of the Bay of Fundy - the Port of Digby wants to build its future with you as a partner.

We’re Nova Scotia’s only deep water port on the Bay of Fundy, with centuries of seafaring business experience behind us. And now with transformative commercial opportunities looming in our future, we’re actively making plans and implementing capacity to grow our marine service capabilities in order to capitalize on our potential.

The Port of Digby is a modern, highly proficient facility. But along our waterfront you’ll find people who are friendly as well as talented. And there’s no denying that ours is an incredibly picturesque port. Those are decidedly value added factors that definitely help to make living and working here a rewarding experience.

Here at the Port of Digby we know what it takes to make a livelihood from the sea. We understand your business requirements and can professionally address your expectations. The current augmentation of our infrastructure capacity is making a good facility even better.

So, if your present or future marine commercial or recreational interests include the Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of Maine, we invite you to contact us and explore how the Port of Digby can partner with you to meet and satisfy your needs.


We look forward to that opportunity.

Reginald F. Hazelton


Board of Directors
Digby Harbour Port Association